Artist Statement Koos de Jongh

I am a self-taught Dutch artist and decided in 2009 to move to Canada where I now live and work in Calgary, Alberta. My primary work consists of painting with acrylics and mixed mediums.

During my previous business career as management consultant, I became an avid art lover. Especially capturing my attention were sculptures and paintings. The modern versus the old school artist vision speaks the most to me. I appreciate it when the artists can surprise me with their refreshing ideas.

In 2005 I started to create my own art thus embarking on a second career. I began my creative journey making soapstone sculptures. Two years later, I switched over to canvas, using acrylics and mixed mediums to create my paintings. For the mixed mediums, I use everything I can find, but make sure the mixed mediums are never dominant in my work. The paintings I create are abstract and sometimes combined with street art using stencils. The paintings often related to people and relationships and they are mostly very colourful in scope. One of my goals with my work is that it must be intriguing, thus enticing the spectator to stop and have a second look as they pass by the art object.

My work has been featured in Airdrie Life Magazine and numerous articles in Calgary and Airdrie local newspapers and magazines. I have made donations to many non-profit organizations, fund raisers and charities including the Rocky View Hospital in Calgary. My donation of public art, “The Collaboration Project 2012” an installation of 22 paintings, to the City of Airdrie can be seen during public hours at the Chinook Winds Fire Department Hall.